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5 Ways To Crush Your Next One-Way Interview

5 Ways To Crush Your Next One-Way Interview

So, you’ve gone through the networking and application stage and are now invited to complete a “one-way interview.” However, you’re used to live interviews with an interviewer, and you’re afraid you can’t read the interviewer's mind or gauge a sense of how they feel after listening to you. Don’t worry!

This week, we’re going to focus on how to ace this.

1. Reading their directions

It sounds silly, but oftentimes, people just click “Next” or “I agree”, without even reading what they are consenting to. This is a reason why an employer will use this interview format as it demonstrates your ability to follow directions. Therefore, whether it be before or during the interview (if timed), it’s vital to understand exactly what you should talk about in your video and how to submit it.

2. Appearing Professional

This doesn’t mean you need to buy a camera with stellar quality, but often, candidates fail to see the value in the bare minimum. That is, choosing a recording location with a clean-looking background, good lighting, and no shadows. Your surroundings show that you are professional and having a messy room behind you for example is something the employer will catch on to right away. The goal is to have no distractions.

3. Practicing your responses

If the question(s) are given to you beforehand, practice what you are going to say. This can be done through writing out your responses for each question and practicing over and over again to be able to say your responses in a natural way. That being said, sounding overly rehearsed can be noticeable, so it’s key to keep authenticity and clarity. A good way to be authentic is to record as if you’re talking directly to who is watching your video. My interview prep package hones in on this piece coupled with practice sessions with me.

4. Doing your homework

My tip here is to carefully read the job description and highlight where you meet or exceed the requirements. In this digital world, we have the power to learn all about the company at our fingertips. We can learn about their products, their competitors, and so much more. Take the time to review the employer’s website to understand who they are and what they are trying to do. From there, focus on aligning yourself with the job requirements through the employer’s goal and mission.

5. Being personable

I touched on this earlier, but it deserves a point of its own. The confidence you have when you’re speaking can outsell what you are actually talking about. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a little joke or two to really show who you are outside the work environment. After all, the person watching your video is a person too, and would love to get to know who you are just from your video alone.

 Those are my tips for this week! Check out my Interview Prep Package for a boost of confidence going into your next interview.

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