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Past Speaking Engagements

About Matt Parkin

Matt Parkin is a LinkedIn Top Marketing Voice and Personal Branding Coach. He’s been invited to share LinkedIn and personal branding strategies with industry associations, companies, schools and conferences, and his thought leadership has been featured in publications like LinkedIn News and

LinkedIn Workshop for Sales Teams

Empower your sales teams to generate revenue through social selling and personal branding.

LinkedIn Workshop for Marketing Teams

Equip your marketers and executive assistants with the LinkedIn expertise they need to thrive. 

LinkedIn Workshop for Recruiting Teams

Elevate your recruiting strategies by helping your team create personal brands to connect with top talent.

Leveraging LinkedIn Session Description

LinkedIn is an organic marketing machine - only 1% of active users create content regularly though. This workshop will teach you 1) how to craft your personal brand and optimize your LinkedIn profile, 2) how to develop a content strategy to tell your story, and 3) how to leverage the platform for social selling to get in front of potential employees, clients, partners, etc. Everyone has a story to tell - let's share your knowledge and grow your online presence today!

Book Matt as a speaker for your next conference or workshop today!

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