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A Guide to Commenting on LinkedIn

A Guide to Commenting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals to share insights and build their personal brands. But did you know that among the various ways to engage with the LinkedIn community, commenting on posts has emerged as an essential tool for networking, showcasing expertise, and increasing visibility? Commenting allows your name to be on other professional networks, allowing for greater engagement and visibility. In this blog, we'll explore effective strategies for leaving impactful comments on LinkedIn to maximize your engagement and expand your network.

Choose the Right Places to Comment

While commenting on several posts gets your name out there, ensuring you’re commenting productively is important. This means engaging with content that resonates with your LinkedIn strategy. For example, if your specialization is HR, recruiting, and talent acquisition, you can comment on posts that feature hiring strategies, open positions, or professionals seeking work opportunities. 

A great way to source the right posts is by using hashtags and industry-specific keywords to discover posts that align with your interests and expertise. For our previous example, this would look like #hiring #opentowork #talent #retention, etc. You can also follow LinkedIn influencers within your niche to see more posts within your area of expertise. Check out their bios to see what they commonly talk about.  You can stay updated on their latest posts by clicking the notification bell on their profiles. Engaging with their content will increase your visibility and create valuable connections within your industry.

Examples using hashtags and industry-specific keywords

Crafting Effective Comments

Several types of comments tailored to the post topic provide value, foster connections, and showcase knowledge. The most common types of posts include celebratory, hiring, and educational. 

With celebratory posts, offer genuine congratulations messages with comments such as “Congrats! Well-deserved success!" or "Love to see your achievements!” 

When responding to hiring posts, encourage others to check out the opportunity by mentioning specific locations or professionals who might find it helpful and relevant (E.g. “@Matt Parkin Check this out!”) On the other end, for job searching posts, help spread the word about job openings by mentioning companies or professionals who currently have an open role and are hiring. 

On educational posts, engage thoughtfully with the content by adding your insights or experiences related to the topic. Additionally, consider tagging a friend who might benefit from the post to encourage conversation and increase reach. Consider following a structure such as, “Love these tips {Name}. I’d also add X.” 

When replying to comments on your posts, show appreciation for comments and engage in meaningful conversations. Feel free to agree or disagree with comments to provoke further discussions. 

Leveraging Collaborative Articles

LinkedIn's collaborative articles are a goldmine for generating meaningful interactions. These articles bring together experts in various fields to provide valuable insights. Engage with these collaborative articles by leaving thoughtful comments and offering your unique perspective on the topics discussed.

Going back to our example, a professional within HR would visit LinkedIn collaborative articles and check out the tab HR Management. Within this tab are several subtopics and articles that provide value to you as a reader. Foster more discussion by providing insights through comments, allowing others to continue discussing and upvoting your insights.

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

Moving Forward

Engaging with LinkedIn posts through thoughtful comments can significantly impact your professional networking and personal brand. It’s important to remember that consistency is key. Consistently commenting on five posts a day will only take 5 minutes of your time, but you will see great long-term results. By following the steps above, you'll enhance your presence on the platform and establish yourself as a valuable member of the LinkedIn community. 

Happy networking, and reach out to us via email at with any questions!

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