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How to Land Jobs Without Applying

How to Land Jobs Without Applying

Tired of applying to hundreds of jobs and not seeing any results? What if I told you companies can and will come to you instead!

I had 10+ recruiters in my DMs last week with messages like these:


They saw my LinkedIn profile and were blown away. Would they have reached out if my profile was blank and I never created content? Probably not!

This is a testament to why being active on LinkedIn and creating content is the key to landing jobs without applying.

Here are some actionable steps you can take to increase the chances of this happening to you:

1. Turn your “open to work” on for recruiters to see which roles you’re open to.


2. Include keywords related to your industry in your headline, about section, experience section, and skills section. This will have you appear in more search results.


3. Spend 15 minutes per day commenting on LinkedIn posts. Each comment will likely be seen by thousands of people - great exposure for you!


4. Create LinkedIn content on a weekly basis to be in the top 1% club. This showcases your knowledge and communication style to potential employers!


5. Let your friends know you’re looking for work so they can make introductions if they know of any opportunities.

Want to learn more?

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