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The Resume Template You Must Try!

The Resume Template You Must Try!

There is no such thing as a perfect resume.
I've reviewed hundreds of them during my time working in HR for 4 organizations, volunteering for my campus career center, and running my career coaching business.
I still have yet to see a flawless one.
This template comes pretty close to being perfect though.
I applied to hundreds of jobs in my first two years of university and didn't land a single interview. This template helped me land 8 interviews right after I started using it.
Before you download the template, I want to share a few of the common resume mistakes I see people make so you can understand how to effectively use the template:

Bad Space Utilization

  • Massive gaps between lines (use single spacing between lines, remove the space before and after each paragraph, and reduce the font size to 5 on empty lines)
  • Bullets that take up a fraction of a line (use 1 or 2 full lines, not 1.25 lines)
  • Narrow margins (use the entire width of the page)

Poor or Inconsistent Formatting

  • Unaligned dates (right align your dates)
  • Unaligned bullets (left align your bullets)
  • Two columns (use one column to meet Applicant Tracking System guidelines)
  • Skills or contact info listed vertically (list horizontally on one line separated by commas)

Weak Experience Bullets

  • Bullets from job description (talk about the impact you made and your accomplishments, not what the job responsibilities are)
  • No numbers (include numbers to highlight quantitative impact and increase your credibility)
Hopefully these tips will help you when using the resume template!
After you complete the template, you can purchase one of my career packages where I can further support you in landing your dream job. You can also download FREE templated here!
Best of luck in your journey!
Matt Parkin
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