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Top 4 LinkedIn Influencers to Follow

Top 4 LinkedIn Influencers to Follow

LinkedIn is an amazing platform that can help you meet new people and grow your professional portfolio, whether you're a small business, an entrepreneur, or a student. Here are some motivational and skilled LinkedIn influencers who can help you improve your practices.


Joel Hansen

With close to 40,000 followers on LinkedIn, Joel Hansen talks about marketing, creativity, social media, venture capital and entrepreneurship. 

Known for being a successful entrepreneur and 2x TEDx speaker, he frequently shares insights and strategies to create the best content ideas.


Justin Welsh 

Justin Welsh, solopreneur and Angel Investor, shares insights into branding, business, entrepreneurship and personal branding with his 340,000 followers. 

Justin is a regular contributor to LinkedIn and provides helpful tips on trying solopreneurship and improving your business skills. 

Personal Development

Ben Meer

Ben Meer is known for writing about systems and high-performance living. As an MBA graduate from Cornell, Meer shares stories about productivity and personal growth with his 170,000 followers. His insights are always thought-provoking and inspiring.  

Public Speaking

Brenden Kumarasamy 

Brenden Kumarasamy is a public speaking coach that helps improve the communication skills of executives and coaches. 

With his youtube channel, MasterTalk, Brenden teaches the most important lessons on relationship building, public speaking, and communication to his 29k subscribers. 

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