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5 Quick Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page

5 Quick Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you’re wanting to take your company to new heights, growing your LinkedIn company page will play an important role in building credibility and sharing your message with a larger audience. While growing your personal page will arguably bring in a better ROI (the algorithm likes personal posts more than company posts), it’s still important to spend some time on your company page. Here are 5 quick ways you and your team can scale your LinkedIn company page. 

Invite Your Connections to Follow

You can send ~100 LinkedIn connection requests each week. After people accept your invite to connect, you can invite them to follow your company page. Your company page gets 250 credits per month, spread across all admins on the account. When someone accepts the invitation, you get the credit back to invite someone else. Work as a team to use all your credits each month to maximize your company page’s follower growth. 

Using LinkedIn Credits to Invite Connections

This can be accessed when viewing your company page as an Admin.

Repost Company Posts 

When you and your employees repost company posts, it increases the reach to users who might not be following your company. This is a great way to get extra eyeballs on your company’s content while adding value to your personal network. Keep in mind that the algorithm favours personal posts more than company posts, so in some cases, it may make more sense for you to create a separate post on your personal profile about the same topic, rather than resharing the company’s post. 

Mention Your Company in Comments

If you come across a post that relates to your company, you can leave a comment with your personal account and mention your company in the comment. For example, someone mentioned how they always include salaries in their job postings. I commented something along the lines of: 

“Love this - hope to see more companies follow this lead. Our team at Company X (type @ and then your company name) also shares salaries for all job postings.”

For users who see the post and agree with including salaries in job postings, they’ll likely see the comment and click on the company tag to check out your company.

Like and Comment as Your Company

If you come across a post that relates to your niche, you can select your face underneath the post and choose to like and comment on the post as your company. This will get extra eyeballs on your company name, logo and comment when others come across the post in their feed.

This is a great strategy to use on potential prospects’ posts as they’ll see that your company liked or commented on their post and may be inclined to visit your company page to learn more about what you do. Not sure which posts to comment under? Try searching hashtags or keywords related to your industry to find posts where it would make sense for your company page to engage with. 

Create Content 

Creating posts on your company page is a great way to build credibility online. Not only will the followers of the page see the content, but when users like and/or comment on the post, it will get pushed out to people in their networks too. It also acts as a landing page for when users search your company or come across your company through an employee’s experience section. 

You won’t be able to grow your company page to a massive following overnight, but these quick strategies, if implemented consistently over time, can give you the boost you need to strengthen your credibility and expand your reach, ultimately bringing in more customers, job seekers, partners, investors and more. 

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