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The Job Search Secret That Nobody Talks About

The Job Search Secret That Nobody Talks About

There’s a lot of job search secrets out there but nobody is talking about this one.
These six words will change your life and help you stand out in your job search.
Here they are…take on a volunteer HR position!
Now I know what you’re probably thinking…
“I’m trying to get a paid job! Why would I spend time in a volunteer role?“
“I’m not interested in HR - no thanks!”
Regardless of whether you’re interested in HR or another field, it will let you see the hiring process from the other side of the table.
You will quickly learn what companies are looking for in a resume and cover letter, what answers they want to hear in an interview, and you can then take your learnings and apply it to your own job search! For only a few hours per week, it’s a low-commitment, high-reward learning opportunity!
I supported hiring initiatives for four nonprofit organizations in the past two years, screening hundreds of applications and interviewing hundreds of candidates. My own job applications and interviewing skills became much stronger because of my HR experience. So trust me, give it a try and it will help you too!
If you’re looking for volunteer HR roles, here are some tips you may find helpful:
  • Try a google search for “volunteer locally”
  • Search “volunteer opportunity”
  • Check out student opportunity groups on Facebook (e.g. Student Opportunities Platform - STREAM)
  • Visit specific organization websites (LEAP Canada and Paragon Consulting typically take on HR volunteers multiple times each year)
  • Get involved with the interview process for school clubs
  • Message me about opportunities to join Mornings With Matt

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