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5 Things You Didn't Know About LinkedIn

5 Things You Didn't Know About LinkedIn

Want to learn more about LinkedIn? Here are 5 things I bet you didn’t know about the platform…

14x more views with a professional photo

Is your profile pic grainy? A selfie? Poorly cropped or angled? You could be negatively affecting your profile views and your personal brand! Take a professional headshot to get you noticed today! 

87% of recruiters look at candidate LinkedIn profiles

87%?! That’s a pretty high number! During my time reviewing applications, I would almost always view a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, so if your profile isn’t linked on your resume and is not completely filled out, you’re missing out!

Adding 5 skills to your profile increases the chances your profile is viewed by more than 31x

31x? Say less! Let’s get those skills added to your profile so you show up in results when recruiters are looking for keywords. 

The skills alone will only get you so far. LinkedIn rewards active members, so if you’re active on the platform, you’ll be climbing the search results!

Additionally, you can endorse others’ skills, and they’ll hopefully return the favour. It’s pretty impressive when you have a ton of people vouching for your skills!

Endorsing Skills on LinkedIn

Only 1% of monthly active users post content on a weekly basis

It’s one thing to have a basic profile, but it’s another thing to be leveraging the platform consistently! How many of us can say we are the top 1% of something? Probably not many! Here’s your opportunity to be in the top 1% - posting content on LinkedIn!

My mantra when it comes to posting is that nobody knows nothing. Everyone knows a little bit more than the average person about a few topics. Take those learnings and share them with the world! Examples could be lessons from articles, books, movies, songs, classes, projects, etc.


The algorithm is amazing

If you comment on my post, your network will see my post and my network will see your comment, headshot, name, and headline. In less than a minute, you’ve added value to thousands of people and gotten a ton of exposure for yourself and my content. It’s a win win!

Set aside 15mins/day to leave meaningful comments on other posts and you will reap the benefits of more profile views, relationships, and personal growth!

The Takeaway

I hope I’ve inspired you to reconsider how you spend your time on social media and to allocate more of that time towards your LinkedIn game!


Want to learn more?

Check out our Leveraging LinkedIn course!

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